Ukraine On International Labour Market: what professionals have the highest demand abroad?


Ukrainians have always been in great demand in foreign companies. At all times it was caused by various factors that are constantly changing, but something remains the same – hard-working nature of Ukrainian staff, their responsibility and perseverance. The big advantage of the staff from Ukraine is that they take any work, and get used to do it very carefully and quickly. This is the reason why the Ukrainian staff is so valued abroad.




There are different areas where the staff from Ukraine shows its strengths, but rapid development of information technology caused the highest staffing demand for Ukrainian IT specialists. Representatives of international recruitment service reported that Ukrainian IT developers are valued by international customers because of the following:

  • experience in new technologies;
  • flexibility in applying cultural aspects of business ethics;
  • timely performance of their tasks.

Ukraine has already reached the 6th international place by IT export. The number of experts in the IT sector is more than 10,000 as of 2015. It is obvious that Ukrainian IT specialists will soon be in the top on the international labour market.




But not only the IT sector is thriving in Ukraine – both neighbouring and far-abroad countries also appreciate Ukrainian technical experts, such as engineers, architects, and designers. This staff is currently in deficit even in Ukraine. And if they know languages, such professionals will be hunted by not only staffing agencies around the world, but also foreign employers themselves.




Ukrainian doctors are strongly sought for in Arab countries – the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and the Maldives. However, they need to know languages, have at least 5 years of experience, and relevant certificates and diplomas. After satisfying all the requirements, they can confidently expect a prestigious job abroad in private hospitals or other institutions.




Foreign labour markets also need blue-collar staff. Ukrainian workers of totally different blue-collar jobs are highly sought all over the world. Europe and America mostly needs this kind of staff. These countries appreciate Ukrainian workers due to their high level of relevant qualification, diligence and good results. According to statistics, in 2015 almost every Ukrainian recruitment agency had 60% of blue-collar vacancies. Today, this percentage is growing. Ukrainian staff is known worldwide as the “jacks-of-all-trades” that keeps the demand for this profession.




The international hotel and restaurant sector should also be noted. Currently Ukrainian workers are of great value there. We can, for certain, state that staff in hotel and restaurants and other establishments all over the world can say you “hello” in Ukrainian. This is not surprising today. Since Ukrainian recruitment companies cooperate with hotels and restaurants around the world and have earned confidence and support of their partners due to decent and reliable staff from Ukraine!


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